Tuesday, July 15, 2008


By Matthias ChangFuture FastForward

Badawi has announced that he will retire in June of 2010.We do not have the luxury for him to retire in 2010. Badawi must go now andI say this not because of any personal animosity but for reasons of nationalsecurity.The government under the leadership of Badawi is utterly irresponsible as ithas failed to make any preparations to protect Malaysia from the globalfinancial crisis.

The Cabinet is in a state of paralysis because the Captaindoes not know what to do.Whatever measures taken thus far to shield the effects of rising prices isbut the treatment of symptoms and not the disease! Bank Negara is in totaldenial!FINAL WARNINGIf Badawi as Prime Minister and Finance Minister, together with Tan Sri Zetias Governor of Bank Negara do not take immediate measures to diversify ourentire US$ reserves to other currencies and metals [euro, renminbi and gold]within the next six weeks [in any event before the end of summer 2008] tocushion the effects when the dollar crashes, I call upon the entire nationto do the following:

1) Demand that Badawi and Zeti resign from their respective positions;

2) Demand that Badawi and Zeti be charged for treason;

3) Demand that all their personal and family assets wherever situated beconfiscated;

4) Demand that Capital and Exchange Controls be reintroduced;

5) Demand that banks be prohibited in the foreclosures of any homes pledgedto banks as security for any bank borrowings and the imposition of penaltyinterest on any non-performing loans for a period of two years, subject toreview;

6) Demand a moratorium of legal action by credit card companies / banks fromrecovery of default payments by cardholders and all interest on anyoutstanding for a period of one year subject to review;

7) Demand total price control of all essential food items;

8) Demand the immediate imposition of rationing of petrol and diesel;

9) Demand that the government provide immediate unemployment benefits tothose earning less than RM1,500 per month and who are sole income earner forthe family;

10) Demand that all security personnel (police and military) from the rankof sergeant and below be given a special subsistence allowance;

11) Demand that toll charges be reduced by 25% and the abolition of roadtax;

12) Demand that pensioners be given a special subsistence allowance;

13) Demand that a 200% increase in taxes for all imported cars [commercialvehicles exempted], luxury goods, alcohol and cigarettes be imposedimmediately.

14) Demand the maximum penalties for all hoarders, speculators and stockmarket manipulators and if need be amend the law to allow for custodialsentences.

The above drastic actions need to be taken if we are to protect our citizensfrom the financial turmoil that will surely impact on Malaysia when thedollar goes into a free fall, which is expected to occur within six toeights weeks.Should the dollar's free fall be delayed for any reason, then expect theimplosion to take place soon after the Beijing Olympics. China cannot affordto continue to hold on to the toilet paper (US$) when other countries aredumping them.

Before condemning me for this dire warning, please, please, I beg you myfellow citizens, to do the necessary research.The information is all out there in cyberspace. It is all available in theinternet.

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